Digital Media, 2021

Neither a blog nor a webzine, 1NSTANT is a digital media, a fusion of photo and video. It offers a new place for fashion on the web: a digital and sexy fashion, to be read through light-hearted columns featuring brands and creative talents.

1NSTANT wants to become a reference for the new generation magazine through the development of in-house technologies to link brands, their collections and the media.

Christine Lerche and Helene Renaud asked us to help them structure their project and draw up their first business plan. The spontaneity and willingness of the founders immediately made us want to take part in the project.

Number of FTEs


Time of collaboration

4 mois



Christine’s & Hélène’s words

Why did you choose Further ?

We wanted to be surrounded by the right people to launch the project. It was a way for us to prove the reality of what we had imagined for 1NSTANT.

On recommendations we met five different profiles. Further’s reactivity impressed us, I even remember that we had a first telephone interview on a Saturday! Through this exchange, they immediately understood what we needed.

Their speed of analysis was confirmed during the support, which went beyond what we expected.

How did your operation go ?

We lacked a framework for looking to the future and structuring the project from both a financial and strategic point of view. The BP proved to be the perfect state of play, a first step, to be able to implement the developments we want for 1NSTANT.

Further is good and reassuring: there is no judgement in relation to the size of the company or the maturity of the project, but a great deal of adaptation to the specificities of the one being carried.  

What did you gain by teaming up with Further?

Further has allowed us to gain credibility in all our endeavours. The BP is a passport, a means of communication with our partners that attests to the reliability of our project.

Further’s support enabled us to develop a project which has now become a reality. Their support has given us a lot of peace of mind in a field that is not our own.  

Do you have a word for other entrepreneurs who are wondering if they need to be accompanied?

You have to surround yourself!

As an entrepreneur you tend to want to do things alone, but you can’t do everything.

Finding the right person with whom to exchange is easy and quick, to give the project momentum. It is the quality of the exchange and the commitment that counts.

What next ?

The covid has disrupted the fashion and luxury sector. It is expected to pick up from February.

The development of 1nstant will involve the arrival of new journalists. Once the structuring phase is over, we will personally use our know-how and our network to develop our reputation.

We hope to call on Further again in the near future, because for us it will be a sign that things are moving forward!

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