Case studies

2 February 2022

Hotel Monet

Leisure, 2021

Equity Raising Seed

We were looking for sparring partners, with a strong capacity to deliver their financial expertise in a very, very, short period of time

Béatrice & Olivier — Founders of Hôtel Monet

25 January 2022


Pet food, 2021

Fundraising Series A

Fundraising is a very exciting and fundamental next step. We knew it would be difficult, but we didn't think it would take so long. It's very reassuring to be accompanied by the Further team throughout this challenge.

Madeleine et Paola — Founders of Tomojo

14 January 2022


E-Mobility, 2021


Days are only 24 hours long! Without Further's guidance, we would certainly have rushed in and tried to talk to everyone.

Anne-Sophie et Pierre, fondateurs de Doctibike

3 September 2021


Digital Media, 2021

Strategic development - Pre-seed

We wanted to be surrounded by the right people to launch the project. It was a way for us to prove the reality of what we had imagined for 1NSTANT.

Christine et Hélène - Fondatrices de 1NSTANT

18 May 2021


E-mobility, 2020-2021

Foundraising Series A - M&A

You can have the most beautiful ideas in the world, but if you don't have the right partner you can't succeed. The investment bank is also a person who shares his experience and gives an opinion from a distance.

Sena - Founder of Greenriders Group